Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company

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Great News!

11610 32nd Street E, Edgewood WA  98372

(253) 863-7348    Office

(253) 863-0752     Fax

Monday - Friday     8:00 AM  -  4:30 PM

Emergency After Hours  (253) 620-4006

Members will now see a 5% reduction to water base fees on their bills.  The Board of Directors of Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company voted to reduce the water base fee for water service effective January 1, 2018. 

The Finance Committee recommended the reduction due to the increased number of accounts.  The fixed costs of operating the water system are now spread over a larger number, thus reducing the cost to individuals. 

Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company staff and board members are proud to have provided our award-winning, untreated water to the community since 1925.

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Your water is pumped from wells in a deep, glacial aquifer. We work hard to maintain the quality of your water and deliver it to your property as nature intended.  We do not add ANY fluoride, chlorine, pH adjustment, or any other chemicals to your water.

MT. VIEW-EDGEWOOD WATER COMPANY IS ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR GENERAL MANAGER.  Please refer to 'News/Communications' for more information.