Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company


The mission of the Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company is to ensure public health and protection of property by providing sufficient quantities of safe and economical water for drinking, domestic use, and fire protection.  Our goal is to provide our members with economical water service that meets or exceeds all water quality standards, maintaining policies and practices that benefit the health and welfare of the community well into the future.

                                    OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT

The water system officially operates under the name of the Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company (Water Company). The Water Company owns a Group A Community water system that provides service to an area comprising the majority of the City of Edgewood, which is north of Puyallup and east of Milton (see Figure 1-1, Location Map). The City of Edgewood was incorporated in 1996, though the water company has served the area since 1925. 


 The Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company is a privately owned non-profit corporation governed by an elected seven-member Board of Directors.  The General Manager manages the day-to-day operations. The Water Company has no capital stock but issues memberships, which entitles all members the same interest.   Members agree to follow the Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company ByLaws as a condition of membership. The address for the water company is:

Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company, 11610 32nd Street East, Edgewood, Washington 98372-2099

Office:  253-863-7348  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM  Monday - Friday

Board President:  Don Nelson 253-590-9490