PNWS - AWWA 2008

ERWOW Water Operator of the Year 2013 - Mike Craig

Our members have long known that we have the best water in Washington State, and now an independent panel of judges has confirmed they agree!  At the Pacific Northwest Section of AWWA conference on May 2, 2008, a panel of four judges conducted a taste test of tap water entered into the contest by water purveyors.

We submitted our water first in the South Sound Subsection preliminary contest, and we won this qualifying round which allowed us to compete in the Pacific Northwest level of competition.  During the Pacific Northwest competition conducted in Vancouver, WA four judges taste-tested unidentified samples of all the qualifying entrants, and when the tests were completed and scores tallied, we beat all those from Washington State and Idaho, and we virtually tied with Medford, Oregon overall.

At that point a 5th judge was asked to break the tie, and unfortunately we lost by ½ point to Medford for the best of the entire Pacific Northwest Section.  Congratulations to Medford who gets to represent the Pacific Northwest Section at the upcoming national AWWA competition.

So it is more than just our opinion, MTVE has been judged the “Best tasting water in Washington State” by AWWA!

Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company

It is with great pleasure and pride that I can inform you that once again Mt. View-Edgewood won the award for Best Tasting Water in Washington State! 

On Wednesday, August 31, 2011, at the Evergreen Rural Water Association annual conference in Vancouver, WA, we were really excited to hear our name called as having won 1st place! 

We watched the judges conduct the taste test, and there were 17 entries they had to test. To even be eligible to enter, you have to have a violation free history and comply with all Department of Health requirements. 

Surprisingly (and without knowing who they had chosen) the judges unanimously agreed on the first place winner right away, but ended up with 5 tied for second. They spent most of the time sorting out 2nd through 6th place. 

We always knew we had the best tasting water, but it is nice to have it validated by others in our profession!  This is very rewarding and the result of the teamwork provided by all in every aspect from setting policies to developing professional staff.  Mike is already ordering decals to put on all our trucks! 

We next compete in the National competition in February in Washington D.C.  Evergreen Rural Water pays all expenses for one of our employees to attend the National Conference in D.C. and compete for best in the nation! 

Marc Marcantonio,
General Manager,
Mt. View-Edgewood Water Company 

ERWOW Best Tasting Water 2011